Privacy And Security

According to our users in the forms found on our site; it may be necessary to enter statistical information such as name, surname, e-mail and postal address, telephone number, credit card information, contact information, age and annual income, financial information such as account number and tax information. Communication information will also be used when we need to communicate with our users. Depending on our users requests, our users can delete their records from our system. Receivable financial information is taken by the banks secure POS systems only once, collected only for the cost of goods and services and is used in other necessary situations and is not strictly stored in our system. The private information will be used by our users to login to the system and to verify the identity of the person where necessary. Statistical information and profile information are also collected on our site. This information can be used in any desired situation. This information will be used to monitor visitor movements and provide personalized content.

As a member of our site, you have the following confidentiality rights:

1. Your e-mail address will not be distributed to any other organization in any way and will only be used by,, sites and Koza Yazılım to communicate with you by e-mail.

2. Your name, surname, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, contact information, age, tax number, identity number information you entered via our site will not be opened except for your approval. However, this information can be used by our site to determine the customer profile.

3. You can apply for cancellation at any time from the "contact form" which you will find in the Help pages on our site. Upon cancellation of membership, all information stored in the system will be deleted.

4. We can notify you about operational issues and opportunities, and it is imperative that your e-mail address is accurate and true for membership approval.

5. All information you enter into the system is only accessible to you and only you can change it. It is not possible for another member to access and change information about you unless you allow it.

6. You can choose to receive e-mails for product newsletters, news and announcements from the "Membership" section after you have completed the membership entry.

Security Information

The financial information you give while shopping is taken by the relevant bank virtual POSs integrated with my site and having the most advanced technology and security system of today, passed through the necessary inquiry and approval process and information is provided in electronic environment to my site positively or negatively about payment.

This information is not recorded on our site at all, and for this reason, it is necessary to re-enter this information in every purchase.

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