Custom Software Solutions

We are with you until the moment of completing your ideas in all your projects with our experienced project management team. In this process, we undertake the responsibility of the project until we are confident that our progeny has passed by the end of the phases of Analysis, Planning, Management, Installation and Evaluation. If you need, we provide consultancy support to all projects regardless of the stage.

Our customers are aware that their money and time must be protected during long software development processes because they demand their projects to be successful even in the test phase. For this reason, as Koza Yazılım we are a software company focused on delivering all of our projects right the first time.

Analyzing Your Work and Determining Your Needs for Software: We work with you to determine your needs. Koza Yazılım keeps track of how you are doing your business and will not go through the next step until you are fully confident that you understand what you want.

Design and Determination of Architecture: We determine which technologies you have with us, what you will need for your business in the future, your budget and we offer you different alternatives. In this step, we report how the resulting solution will affect your computers, your laptops, your database, and your other programs.

Software Coding: We review coding alternatives with you. Of all popular programming languages like C #, VB.NET, Java, PHP, of course, we prioritize the software tools you use or the products you specify. The software we have developed using these technologies has the ability to be used in all businesses and to keep working as your business grows.

Software Testing: It is the most important phase of testing software before it is opened for everyone in our business. Although our software developers test programs while coding, real-world and real-user testing is very important. For this reason, we are doing the final tests on the customer systems personally to produce software that really meets the needs of our customers, and we make sure that the software works as intended.

Preparing Documents for Software: Some programmers do not like to make as many documents as they can. Having insufficient documentation will cause programmers to lose the extra time to read the code and understand how it works during future fixes and changes. If you are outsourcing in the software development business, one of the most critical issues for you is that the documentation of the software has been made. At this point, it is very important for us to have enough documents.

Installing the Final Version of the Software: As Koza Yazılım, we guarantee 6 months for every software product we deliver. We continue under all conditions to provide support for our customers not to be victims during the period that we have installed the software and our customer has completed all the tests and received their documents.

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